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                CORWELL, a devoted company specializes in plastic production, plastic injection mold and CNC processing for 17 years. Since its establishment,Corwell has been sticking itself to the principle of “Profession,Precision,Progression”.It introduced the advanced precision machines & measuring instruments from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea.......

                • Injection mold
                • CNC Machining
                • Plastic parts
                • Sprayer

                Fexible Delivery
                Corwell's mature supplier management system helps every order achieve its schedule.

                Stable Quality
                Corwell knows how important the quality stability is for the products.It manufactures strictly according to ISO9000 quality management system and have a discreet Q.C. team that keeps eyes on your products closely.

                Innovative Design
                Corwell's teamof experienced engineers, designers and toolmakers work with you to define your concept, construct a prototype, and build individual mold. 

                Corwell's comprehensive &  individual customer service is based on technical innovatiion and quality prudent.Its C.S team is able to respond quickly to any question and enquiry from customers,which helps round the  business chain.....